CY-350 Pulp Cleaner


Pulp Cleaner

  1. The use O-ring at inlet and accept nozzles simplify the installation greatly.
  2. PP and fiber mixture give this unit wear resistance.
  3. Dimensions are completely compatible with type 300. You can replace the old units without any modification.
  4. While handling some fiber materials, The Thickening rate can exceed 10 at temprature 50 celcius. Cleaners would quickly get plugged. by suitable design of the feed and reject areas, Thickening rate can be maintained within desired limits.
  5. The design of pressurized reject compartment enables the reject oulet to be made larger, this reduces the plugs.
Construction material:Upper-PP+Fiber, Lower-PU
Capacity at different pressure drops:
Type △P 1.0Kg/cm² △P 1.2Kg/cm² △P 1.5Kg/cm²
CY-350 365 400 450