CY-67 Pulp Cleaner


Pulp Cleaner

Performance description
Each CY-67Twincleaner comprises 2 cleaners with their accept nozzle connectted together. Both cleaners operate parallel, but hydraulically quite independently.

The cleaners are installed in a horizontal cylindrical canister with seals to keep fluids from in the canister, the stock is fed through a common chamber and accept are collected in the other chamber, rejects are discharged into reject chamber on both ends. sight glass are provided for visual control purpose from outside.
The plant should have control valves installed on the feed,accept and reject pipes for flow control. manometers are essential for measuring pressure .they should be installed on a com-mon panel where they can be easily read. 3 sampling valves per stage shall be fitted on feed, accept and reject pipes. If desired, the emptying valve on the canister can be used in replace.