Pulp Cleaner


Pulp Cleaner

Construction material: Nylon + Fiber

1. The design of inlet nozzle reduces flow loss and pressure drop ,and the enlargement of its cross sectional area keeps foreign objects or lumps of pulp from plugging, especially at first start-up after shutdown.

2. The spiral design induces movement toward the reject outlet. Preventing the feed from passing straight to the accept outlet.

3. Reject nozzle is a separate part that can be changed without having to remove the cleaner as a whole, it is encased by the cleaner body and is not subjected to any mechanical stress. hence the material can be chosen for its wear-resistant qualities.

4. Air gethered should be drained through a ventilation pipe, to prevent the creation of vacuum at suction side of pumps.
Operation conditions
Pressure drop 1kg/cm²
Unit capacity 125 1/min
Minimum back pressure of accept 0.35 kg/cm²
Max. inlet pressure 2.5 kg/cm²
Max. inlet consistency 1.2%